Monday, December 17, 2012

Comfort and Joy

Like the rest of our country, I am deeply heartbroken over the events of last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. I keep thinking about all those precious little ones who died. I also keep thinking about the parents of those little ones. I know what it's like to lose a child, but I can't help but think that my grief would somehow be different if I had lost a child in such a sudden, horrific way.
Since Cole's death, I have felt a true sense of comfort and joy. One might wonder how that is possible. How do you lose a child and then feel that inner contentment? Eric and I know that our help has come from the Lord. Our faith and belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior has given us the assurance that Cole is having a glorious, perfect life now. He has more in Heaven than he would have ever had here on Earth; more than we could ever imagine. Our faith also gives us certainty that we will one day see Cole again. I heard someone this morning on television speaking about joy in the midst of grief, and it confirmed how I have felt since losing Cole. Joy is not the same as happiness. When I am hit with a wave of sadness, my joy is still there. It's an underlying, peaceful feeling that is hard to describe. I believe it's a gift.
In the spirit of the Christmas season, I pray the parents in Newtown will find comfort and joy as they deal with their sorrow. I pray the same for anyone who has lost a child or other loved ones. The pain may run deep, but joy is possible.

Safely Home
Let your grieving be not long,
for I'm home at last where I belong.
Understand - if I were given a choice,
I'd remain here where I now rejoice.
It would be unthinkable to return to earth
from this land of matchless beauty and worth.
Gazing at Christ's loving, majestic face,
I know deeper dimensions of grace.
Do not think I tasted death 'before my time',
rather it was precisely in God's wise design.
At the appointed moment He opened the door
to wonders and splendors undreamed before.
It's all true - never fear,
and soon you will join me here
Where there's no more crying, no more sorrow,
with Christ the Lord in every tomorrow.
- Mae Fortson