Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two Years


Today is your birthday, Cole McKee. Two years ago, you entered this world and changed my life forever. You were so tiny and sweet. You were beautifully unique, and your little spirit left an imprint on many, many hearts. We almost lost you when you were born, but God wasn't quite ready to take you just yet. He had a plan for you from the moment you were conceived, and although I don't fully know or understand it, I trust it and know it is perfect. For 4 1/2 months I watched you struggle, fight, and grow. Each day, I loved you more and more. You were amazing, and God worked some big miracles in your life. I miss you so much, my baby boy. Although your birth was scary and brought such uncertainty, YOU, my love, brought me such joy. Happy birthday, Cole. I love you.

2 weeks

4 months


  1. This is beautiful, Jen. He was an amazing little guy. Love you.